Home raised and socialized.
CKC Registered.
Colby Puppies 2021
Born January 18.
First Escapee
First Escapee Reward
​                              Jan. 31.2021
                      Starting to walk.
Feb 2-21
                         Feb 7-21
Colby reminding us that she is a                               young  mother..
                        Feb 8-21
                Let the fun begin!
                       Feb 12-21
                      Goats Milk
                     Visiting Mom
                         Feb 18-21
 Hopefully will be able to get them out                    for some air soon.
                       Feb 20-21
   Waking up to the Doobie Brothers
                        Feb 25-21
    New Digs...Whelping box gone
                        Feb 26-21
                      Tunnel Fun
                        March 3-21
                  First day outside
                       March 6-21
   New discovery. The cookie jar!
                       March 8-21
                   More deck fun
                   March 8-21
             Poor Prince Igor
                            March 15-21
    Shots, microchips and checkups today!
          Ready soon for their new homes.
  Good thing too because the feeding bowl is                                   maxed out!